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Monday Evening Shoot Hours

April 17 2019

The Monday evening shoot is back on our schedule from 6 pm to 8 pm.  It will continue on a regular basis, but as always it’s dependent on the availability of Range Officers so please check this site for any last minute cancellations.

Fall/Winter Schedule 2018/2019

The weekly Wednesday afternoon indoor range shoots are starting up Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 from 1-3 pm. We hope to carry on weekly through the winter, however this will be dependent on the availability of our volunteer range officers.

Please contact me for any additional information.

Marvin Paisner, Indoor Firearms Range Director,



Indoor Range Summer Schedule 2018

The regular Indoor Range shooting schedule is suspended until the fall.

Monday shooting 5-7 pm will continue on a week to week basis when (and if) Range Officers are available.

Have a great summer and make use of the Outdoor Range at Barrett Creek.


Marvin Paisner

Indoor Range Director 2018



Welcome to the Indoor Range!

The Indoor Range is located in the lower floor of the Club. At times of scheduled shooting, you may access the Range from the side doors at the rear corner of the building.


Recently, we have made several changes to the Indoor Range. A viewing wall separating the assembly area from the shooting area has been added. Additional preparation benches have been added to the assembly area. We have increased the shooting stations to SIX, with each station enclosed on both sides. The 4 centre stations have a fixed bench & the ones on each end are ‘flip-up’ for access to change targets. Each station has individual lighting control, to suit your eyes and sights. We have added some soundproofing to each station. To assist when shooting a rifle, there are removable L or R elbow rests for additional comfort. We now have 5 inclined ramps for prone shooting position for special events. The intensity of the lighting at the target end has been improved.

The ‘closed loop’ air filtration system to improve air quality & reduce heat loss in the winter months is in operation. It appears to be working well!

Our range is an indoor 6 shooting station 20 meter range, designed for any centre fire pistol cartridge or rim-fire cartridge for both, pistol or rifle. The bullet trap is a double steel plate at a 45 degree angle with a six inch thick sand bed to trap the bullets. We use conveyor belting to prevent splash back after the bullet hits the deflector or sand trap.

To use our range you must be a member of the club in good standing and have an authorization to transport a restricted or prohibited firearm.

During the summer, more members are shooting at the Outdoor Range.

The Indoor Range has been active Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 – 4:00. Best to check with me for more availability.

The Ladies Club Shooting for .22 RIFLE is Thursday Evening – Ladies only!

Limited .22 rifle shooting is allowed at the Wednesday shoots – depending on the amount of handgun shooters.

Novice shooters are welcome, as, we have members able to provide assistance with your shooting.

Our Club facilities are comparable to the best in Western Canada & even with this year’s increase, the membership dues are low in comparison.

Every Club service & activity is provided by VOLUNTEERS!!! We need more HELP to provide more SERVICE & ACTIVITY!

Neil Sorsdahl – Indoor Range Master (2015 – 2016)