About the club

The club has been an active participant in the pursuit of its goal with involvement in projects such as:

  • enhancement Projects for Fish and Wildlife;
  • securing Habitat for Fish and Wildlife;
  • educational workshops and programs for youth and new participants in Wildlife and Outdoor related activities;
  • feeding Wildlife programs as required;
  • donations to several like minded organizations.

The club facilities are available to other community groups and organizations, however the primary purpose is to provide a base in the community in which to achieve the afore-mentioned goals

Our mission

This club is organized for the promotion of good fellowship among the sportsmen in the Nelson district and to:

  • promote conservation of the wildlife, scenic and outdoor recreational resources of British Columbia, the land and water base on which they depend;
  • promote the retention and maintenance of the highest possible quality of environment for all to benefit;
  • foster a code of ethical and safe conduct among all people using the outdoors;
  • actively co-operate with other organizations in the proper management of natural resources;
  • assist in the maintenance and conservation of habitat for fish and wildlife;
  • assist and promote youth and related organizations in all the afore-mentioned pursuits.

Club profile

Nelson Rod & Gun Club was organized on the 22nd day of August 1918.

The first meeting was advertised in the Nelson Daily News to start at 8:00 PM and was in an office in the Nelson City Hall.

Twelve men attended the first meeting.

Annual membership subscriptions were $1.00. The club was organized for “the conservation and propagation of fish and game”.

The original clubhouse was opened on the 25th day in February 1974 and was named the Mickey McEwan Memorial Building honoring a local conservationist. It burned down, and a new Mickey McEwan club house was built in its place.