UPCOMING COURSES @ Nelson District Rod & Gun Clubs Mickey McEwen Hall
801 Railway St. Nelson, B.C.

Canadian Firearms Program
A license is your authorization to possess and register a firearm and to obtain ammunition.
P.A.L. Possession and Acquisition License $100

With Restricted component $170
January 17th & 18th —8 AM

C.O.R.E. Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (required for hunting)
January 24th & 25th
Joani Trickett 250-825-4219


Nelson District Rod & Gun Clubs Mickey McEwen Hall


Ladies shoot

Hi Ladies

Our last outdoor range evening will be Thursday, Sept.25th

On that the above date we will be having a contest for a name on the trophy.
It will be 25 yards at a scored target, 10 shots using iron sights only, highest score wins.
There will be a $ 10.00 entry fee. The winner takes all.
The rest of the evening will be free shooting.
There will be a pot luck as well.

Starting Oct. 2nd we will be back at the indoor range at 6pm
If it’s your 1st time please email me to pre book an orientation at an earlier time


.303 British Heritage Match, August 16, 2014

IMG_2089The Challenge Shield
The Challenge Shield

An all day shoot with historic roots. Cups, trophies and shield date from 1910 – 14 era. Ranges are 100 yd., 200 yd. to 300 yd. Winners will have their names added to such treasures as the Annable Cup,the Home Loan Trophy, the Range Master, the Captain Cary Cup, the Tramway Cup or the Nelson City Challenge Shield (three member teams). A Mad Minute Match winner (high score of 15 possible rounds in one minute) is awarded the Partington Cup.

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