Need new hall manager

The position of Hall Manager is being vacated as of June 1, 2015.

A new hall manager is needed

The position includes responsibility for
hall rental management.

Applications for that position are being accepted currently. Please contact
Frances, Richard, or Wally for additional information and expressions of interest. The Club wishes to
thank Raya Dolma for her past, and current, efforts in that position.

Spring Chicken .22 Fun Shoot – May 17th 2015

Spring Chicken .22 Fun Shoot – May 17th 2015
Sunday, 9 am – 4 pm.
Cost – $ 10.00 per participant – includes lunch! Maximum $40. per family.
Everyone welcome! Dust off the .22 and come on out to the Nelson District Rod and Gun Club range. Porto Rico Rd., Hwy 6, near Ymir.
Food and targets are provided and range is reserved for exclusive use of participants .
A minimum of 100 rounds is suggested per shooter. Ammo will be available on site for those needing it.
Any person without a firearms license, or are new to shooting must be accompanied by a qualified person during the shooting events.
Ear and eye protection are required. Foam ear plugs are usually adequate for the noise level.
Reactive targets, metal silhouettes and plinking opportunities galore will make for a lot
of fun.
Rules are flexible except for safety.
Sorry, .22 magnums and .17 HMR are too powerful for the targets, so .22 Long Rifle is maximum power.
Bring a friend, kids, grand kids, neighbors, even your spouse :) See what you can do with your .22! Ranges from 20 to 100 yards. Optics or iron sights are all OK.
Contact Bob Vliet   (250) 357 – 9309

“West Kootenay Gun & Antique Show“

“West Kootenay Gun & Antique Show“

Saturday, March 28 9am – 5pm
& Sunday, March 29. 9am – 3 pm

Nelson District Rod & Gun Club

801 Railway

Under 12 free

Bob or Gerry Vliet

The funds raised, aid in Outdoor Range improvements.
As shooters, this event will enhance your range experience.

NDP Official Opposition position on the Harvest Allocation Policy

Hello Gordie,

Thank you for writing me and my colleagues Norm Macdonald, MLA Columbia River-Revelstoke and Michelle Mungall, MLA Nelson Creston on this important issue. We feel strongly that our first priority for harvest allocation must be with British Columbians. Local hunters must have access to this resource. We also have to understand the need to ensure that wildlife have access to the habitat they need to thrive. I know that local hunters have this knowledge and commitment, and work hard with local groups to support and improve wildlife habitat.

Below I have attached the NDP Official Opposition position on the Harvest Allocation Policy. I believe that it will answer many of your concerns and help you understand that the Opposition caucus will be working for changes. All three Kootenay MLA’s have been contacted by many local hunters with their concerns. I know the BCWF is holding community meetings across the province and they are also distributing a petition to be presented in the Legislature. These both seem like good ideas. If you wish to send any letters for Minister Thomson through our offices we can make sure that the letters are delivered to the Minister.

Recent changes to hunting allocation policy were supposed to resolve a number of key issues facing hunters in British Columbia.  Unfortunately the do exactly the opposite, and B.C. hunters will suffer for it.

 First, every hunter knows that decisions about hunting allocation policy must start with good science. But over the past decade, the BC Liberals’ repeated budget cuts have curtailed much-needed, on-the-ground research and forced wildlife managers to make important decisions in the dark. While the new allocation policy could increase the harvest rate, it will not increase the resources needed to make informed management decisions.

 Second, BC hunters engaged with government in what they thought was a genuine discussion about how best to improve hunting opportunities for resident hunters, guide outfitters and their clients. Instead, the BC Liberals largely ignored the input provided by thousands of rank-and-file hunters and made their own decisions with little or no explanation of the reasons or consequences.

 New Democrats believe that BC’s resources should be for the use and benefit of British Columbians first, understanding that the guide outfitters sector must have a place in the conversation. We believe it is wrong to hand over a larger allocation of hunting licences to foreign hunters while reducing hunting opportunities for British Columbians.

 We also recognize that resident hunters make a significant contribution to BC’s rural economy and way of life. For instance, many businesses make a living by supporting outdoor recreation and hunting, and resident hunters feed their families with BC game and often contribute to wildlife conservation activities.

 We believe that hunters must be part of the solution and cannot be dismissed because key BC Liberal cabinet ministers think they are politically ineffective.

 We’re eager to meet with stakeholders to come to a practical solution to the mess created for political purposes by the Liberal government.

On a personal note, I have many family members who hunt regularly and I am supportive of local resident hunters. We have also worked very closely with resident hunters’ associations and the BCWF to ensure that local hunters have the opportunity to hunt. Hunting for food is an important part of our quality of life as rural residents.

Thank you again for writing and if you have any further questions or concerns please let me know.

Take care,


Katrine Conroy, MLA Kootenay West

Norm Macdonald, MLA Columbia River- Revelstoke

Michelle Mungall, MLA Nelson Creston


From: []
Sent: January 12, 2015 11:15 AM
To: Mungall.MLA, Michelle; Conroy.MLA, Katrine; Macdonald.MLA, Norm
Cc: Gordie Grunerud
Subject: RE: Wildlife Allocation in BC Open Letter to WK MLAs

My name is Gordie Grunerud and I am president of the West Kootenay Outdoorsmen an umbrella group which represents 9 Rod and Gun clubs  with approximately 2000 members in the West Kootenay.

As resident hunters we are very concerned with the latest announcement by the Liberal government to re allocate the harvest where guides would be given up to 40% of the harvest depending on species.

In 2007 resident hunters, represented by the BCWF, were involved in negotiating an allocation split with Government and the commercial guide industry.   An agreement was reached by all parties, with a five year grace period implemented to allow Guides to adjust their business model to the negotiated figures. Based on back door lobbing by the guide industry, it appears that this agreement is no longer being honoured and in fact the split as been increased significantly in the guides interest, who cater to largely non residents.

With approximately 210 guides in the province and 102,000 resident hunters, who hunt to feed their families, we support the principle that resident hunters are a higher priority than non residents.

We support a guide outfitter industry but not at the expense of the resident hunter.  In most jurisdictions of North America, an allocation of 5% -10% is standard.

We believe and have lobbied for a resident first policy where the resource should be given to resident hunters .

We are aware of the Liberal position based on this policy and have been recently contacted on a number of occasions by Dan Brooks of the Conservative Party  who definitely does not agree with the proposed Wildlife Allocation as it stands.

On behalf of the West Kootenay Outdoorsmen we are asking if the MLAs for the West Kootenay support the  resident hunters of BC.

Yours in conservation

Wildlife Petition

Wildlife Allocation Policy Petition – CLICK HERE TO SIGN!

BCWF has started a to urge the Government of B.C. to rescind their recent decision on Wildlife Allocation, which will result in lost hunting opportunities for our province’s resident hunters.

The petition calls on the Government of B.C. to overturn the decision to change the Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy which gives a larger share of hunting permits to BC guide outfitters and a smaller share of hunting permits to BC resident hunters.
The petition is available at the following link: Wildlife Harvest Allocation Policy Petition, and will be submitted to the B.C. Legislature.

The following document illustrates the evolution of wildlife allocation in BC by region, species, and the split between resident hunters and guide outfitters: 
Summary: The Evolution of Wildlife Allocation in BC
Please note: Your personal information will become part of a public document submitted to the provincial government. Read our full privacy policy.

For more information on Wildlife Allocation in B.C., visit the Wildlife Committee page at the BCWF website


UPCOMING COURSES @ Nelson District Rod & Gun Clubs Mickey McEwen Hall
801 Railway St. Nelson, B.C.

Canadian Firearms Program
A license is your authorization to possess and register a firearm and to obtain ammunition.
P.A.L. Possession and Acquisition License $100

With Restricted component $170
January 17th & 18th —8 AM

C.O.R.E. Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (required for hunting)
January 24th & 25th
Joani Trickett 250-825-4219


Nelson District Rod & Gun Clubs Mickey McEwen Hall