From the Wild Sheep Society of BC:

“Both government and non-government wildlife experts continually tell us that changes to hunting regulations are not meaningful to change the trends in wildlife population, and that science and cultural knowledge are the most important tools they have access to.

Sound wildlife management is critical to survival of all species. Managing based on social pressures is not acceptable, and you cannot afford to let it happen.”

Visit our website: www.wildsheepsociety.com/actnow

Notice to 2020 members who have not yet renewed:

Notice to 2020 members who have not yet renewed:

Your membership is for the calendar year, January 1 to December 31.
Club members will have third-party liability insurance for their club and outdoor activities and for their ORVs and boats (a liability certificate will accompany your membership card).
If you have not renewed your membership by January 1st, then you will not be entitled to use our ranges or other club facilities; and you will not have liability insurance for your boat or ORVs, until you do send in your renewal application.

After this (March) edition you will not receive the club newsletter until you renew.

Don’t procrastinate any longer – complete your renewal application here…

PAL/RPAL/CORE training courses.

PAL/RPAL/CORE training courses.
All but the March 6, 2021 PAL courses are full.  If interested in registering for this course please do it now as it may be full by the time you read this.  You may be placed on a waitlist for the RPAL and/or CORE course(s), if you have a PAL already.  Currently the January 30 and 31 PAL (two courses), February 6+7 CORE and February 27 RPAL are all full.

Alan Bond is coordinating the training registrations for the club and we are considering the possibility of scheduling another round of courses this spring (March/April) depending on interest.  The current courses were full about 2 plus months before the course dates so if interested in either of the Canadian Firearms Safety Courses (unrestricted or restricted) or the Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE) please contact Alan at 250 352-2289.

Outdoor Range Orientation Document

Please review the NEW!! Outdoor Range Orientation Document for 2021. This document reflects our current Club policies and includes important information for both new members and long time members alike. Generally our Outdoor Ranges only have designated Range Officers for sanctioned Club events. That means we rely on the membership to participate in the day to day safe utilization and maintenance of the Outdoor Range facilities. Please become familiar with the attached rules and procedures for the benefit of all our members, and the sustainment of our great Club.
Naz King

Message from the President

Good morning everyone:

 With the current Health Order in place until midnight 
Jan 8. 2021 and not knowing what changes will be made,
 it has
 been decided to change our AGM to 
Saturday, Jan 16, 2021 @ 10:00 am. This will allow us 
time to make any adjustments should that
 be necessary to comply with the new Health Order. 

 Heather and I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas 
and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2021.

Stay safe everyone 


Re: Outdoor range booking

We would be using the range from 9-3 on both of the Saturdays (21 Nov and 5 Dec). Cadets will be shooting the Daisy air rifles in preparation for the competition in February.

Lieutenant (Navy) Melissa Townsend

Commanding Officer 81 Hampton Gray VC Royal Canadian Sea Cadets (RCSCC)

Canadian Armed Forces / Government of Canada

Melissa.Townsend@cadets.gc.ca / mtownsend811@gmail.com  Cell: 250-551-8207

Commandant 81 Hampton Gray VC Corps des Cadets de la Marine Royale Canadienne (CCMRC)

Forces Armées Canadiennes / Gouvernement du Canada

Melissa.Townsend@cadets.gc.ca / mtownsend811@gmail.com  Cell:250-551-8207

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Membership  — Early payment incentive                                                       

Once again the Club is offering an incentive for early payment of memberships for those members who paid in 2020 and are renewing their memberships in 2021.

If you pay between October 1st and November 30th 2020 for 2021, there will be a reduction of $10.00

            Individuals and Seniors will pay $75.00 

            Families will pay $100.00

Juniors will still pay the $30.00 as the Club currently subsidizes these members

The application form and payment must be received by the Club or dropped off at Nelson Farmers Supply by December 1st, 2020, not simply put in the mail  on or after that date. 

Remember, if you miss the deadline, the full fees will apply

For those of you on automatic renewal, as long as your credit card info is current, you don’t have to do a thing – your membership will be processed in November

Erin Franklin

Co-ordinator – Memberships

I can be contacted by via e-mail Membership@nrgcbc.ca