Membership Application Process

Please contact Frances Brown for membership details.

  • phone: +1 250-352-7406
  • email:

Membership form

Nelson District Rod & Gun Club – 2017

P.O. Box 16, Nelson, BC V1L 5P7


Membership Application: New or Renewal                    Date: ________________

Please print clearly

Name:  _____________________________


Mailing Address: (Street, PO Box, Apartment)________________________________________


City or Town: _________________________    Postal Code:_________________


Telephone:  Home _____________________  E-Mail _________________________________



Membership:   New:  _______    Renewal _______

Type of Membership: (check one)


Regular $85 _____    Family $110_____    Senior: $85 _____    Juniors(17 and under)  $30_____

Family – covers Children – age 5 to 17 and spouse or partner only

Each application must be accompanied by payment


Donation ________________    Please indicate If this donation is a one time only  __________

or If this donation is a yearly donation  ___________


Method of Payment: (check one)   Cash ____Cheque____ Credit Cd: Visa____MC____


Account # _______________________________Exp   Date:  Mo ____  Yr ______

If you want to have an automatic dues deduction made

from your credit card EACH YEAR  please sign here ___________________________


If you renewed your membership in 2016  or got a new membership in 2016 – and there have been no changes to your information – the above is all you need to provide for 2017


Outdoor range keys were changed in 2016

If you did not renew or are a new member – and want a key — you must provide your


       Firearms Lic # _________________________________  Date of Expiry_____________

  • (Year and month)

For members who renewed in 2016 and have completed the registration and signed the waiver – upon receipt of this form, you will be sent your 2017 membership card(s)


For new members and those who did NOT renew in 2016–Once this application has been received, you will be sent the new membership form, together with a Club waiver.  Upon return of completed documents, your membership will be activated and card(s) and other information will be mailed to you.


Failure to complete registration or sign the waiver will result in a delay in the activation of your membership.


Membership runs January to December of each year and is not activated UNTIL you receive your membership card – simply paying the fee does not activate membership