Membership Information 2024

Membership queries – Alan Bond – Membership Coordinator leave a message at:

250.551.7414 (club Membership cell phone) or

Please do not expect an instant response.

Now it is easier to renew your membership or join as a new member – in January 2020 the new PDF membership application/renewal forms came into effect and you can pay by e-transfer.

If you were a member in the immediate past year, use:

2024 Form A

If you are a new member or missed a year (or two or three)  as a member, use:

2024 Form B

Please be reminded that if the incorrect form is used, or incomplete, or the waiver is not accepted, your membership renewal or application will be delayed.

It is still a requirement that all members complete the information requested and accept the waiver.  Failure to do so can mean that the renewal or application is delayed or even that you will not be accepted as a member.

Membership applications can be submitted using the following options:

  1. Print out the form, complete and snail mail it with payment to the Club or
  2. Print out the form, complete and drop it off with payment at Nelson Farmers Supply or
  3. Sign up for automatic renewal  or
  4. From this website, complete the appropriate form and submit it via email together with payment (credit card or e-transfer)

When forwarding payment by e-transfer,  send to and make sure you put a note in the message box saying  “membership”

If completed forms are received without payment – your renewal or application will be delayed until the Membership Coordinator has the time to contact you.

Have difficulty remembering to pay your membership? – no problem – sign up for the automatic renewal, there is a section on the form that you can complete, provide a current credit card and each fall the Membership Coordinator will send out new cards and if the keys for the outdoor range are changing, will also send along a new key .   The only thing you have to remember is to up-date changes in Membership status, or if you change credit cards and renew the expiry date as necessary.

Renewing your PAL in the fall or towards the end of the year and have a restricted firearm? – then you should provide, with the renewal a copy of both the current year and next years membership cards – contact Alan – he can issue a temporary card for the coming year

Want to pay for multiple years – contact Alan and make arrangements.

Do not leave your completed membership application and payment in one of the security lock boxes at either the indoor or outdoor ranges – that will simply slow down the process.

If you are one of those folks that needs your membership card immediately as you forgot to renew in past years and now the Chief Firearms Officer is on your case! – Leave a message for Alan explaining the pickle you are in. DO NOT contact other executive or club members in a vain attempt to jump start the process and get instant assistance – it is your fault you are needing this assistance and remember – we are all volunteers.