Outdoor Range Orientation Document

Please review the NEW!! Outdoor Range Orientation Document for 2021. This document reflects our current Club policies and includes important information for both new members and long time members alike. Generally our Outdoor Ranges only have designated Range Officers for sanctioned Club events. That means we rely on the membership to participate in the day to day safe utilization and maintenance of the Outdoor Range facilities. Please become familiar with the attached rules and procedures for the benefit of all our members, and the sustainment of our great Club.
Naz King

Outdoor Range will be closed

The Outdoor Range will be closed for a series of private events on the following dates :

Half a day on May 20 2019 from 0800 hrs to 1300 hrs
All day on June 10,11,12,13, 2019
Half a day on Sept 20 2019 from 0800 to 1300 hrs
All day Sept 30 2019 and Oct 4, 2019

A Project Mapleseed event.

Outdoor Range Closure A Project Mapleseed event.

The range will be closed Thursday June 28th for the A Project Mapleseed event.

This project is designed to provide structured and safe rifle fundamentals to hunters and shooters of all ages and provides a solid framework of basic rifleman skills that benefits new and experienced shooters alike.  See the May 2018 newsletter and the Eventbrite registration website for more details.




Some notes on the day.  On 27 Aug we had a collection of enthusiasts arrive for the umpteenth .303 Heritage Match at the Barrett Creek Range.  The day was excellent for shooting: warm & sunny, with very little breeze. But shooters at the prone or on the bench still had shade to keep them cool, and more importantly, to keep sun glare off their iron sights!

Of special note this year was the very appreciated contribution from the Ymir Volunteer Fire Department through Fire Chief Steven Wood.  The Nelson District Rod & Gun were understandably very concerned about any fire hazard due to extremely long dry weather.  The executive contacted Fire Chief Wood who volunteered to both inspect the Range for fire and also provided a full water bladder for immediate use if any fire should start.  A bunch of buckets were provided by the club members so an old fashioned (and still effective) bucket brigade could deal with any fires whilst the Ymir Volunteer Fire Department was en route. NO fire occurred other than in the very hot chambers of rifles, and the excellent grill cooking provided by Glen McKen.  Neither required fire-fighter attention!  I can say, that as the day warmed up, that bladder full of Ymir Water got to looking more & more like a cool swimming hole than a fire-fighting bladder!

The volunteers did a splendid job with planning, preparation, and operating the Match, although many were first-timers at a lot of the stuff! The cheerful co-operation of all the participants certainly made it all easier. The food provided was first-rate, and timely.   One last note was that with hundreds of rounds fired by relays that continuously changed places, I noted ZERO firearm safety issues.  Kudos to participants and particularly to Range Safety Officer Marvin Paisner for that!

Dan Danforth

Heritage Match 2017

                                    Heritage Match 2017

August 27, 2017 was a beautiful day for our annual Heritage Match at the Barrett Creek range.  Seventeen shooters competed with ten of them winning medallions for their efforts.  There were also a number of spectators and workers with all enjoying lunch; chef Glen McKen as usual did an outstanding job at the grill, while Dan Danforth and Marvin Paisner ran the competition smoothly as always.  Chief Steven Wood of the Ymir Fire Department provided a water supply for possible fire suppression.

Range Master trophy                              100 yards                        Dan Danforth

Tramway trophy                                       200 yards                        Colin Kenning

Captain Carrie Cup                                   300 yards                        Brian Gagnon & Jon Demers (tie)

Aggregate – total of the 100, 200, and 300 yard matches)

Home Loan and Contract trophy         first place          Dan Danforth

Annable Cup                                               second place   Jon Demers

Agricultural & Industrial trophy           third place        Brian Gagnon

CPR Cup  “tyro” – next highest score with no previous individual medal              Nathan Ward

Partington Challenge Cup                     Mad Minute                  Tom Pettman

Fred Watson trophy                                Memorial Shoot           Tom Pettman

City of Nelson Challenge Shield –teams          first place          Brian Wylie

Colin Kenning

Tom Pettman

second place   Dan Danforth

Murray Nelson

Diane Casler

third place        Nathan Ward

Rob Arnot

Jon Demers

Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants!

Thank you to the helpers, not all named above, who made the day a happy one.  Some worked Sunday August 20 to prepare the range, and others worked during the shoot.  Good job folks!