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Outdoor Range Restrictions – Fire Season

As a result of a Provincial Campfire ban the following restriction have been implemented pursuant to:

NDRGC Club Policy 2017.10.03 – Outdoor Range Restrictions – Fire Season

  • The use of steel jacket projectiles is prohibited -XXXXX


“Nelson Rod & Gun Club AGM

When:  April 9, 2022 @ 10:00 am

Where:  Mickey McEwen Hall, 801 Railway Street, Nelson

All members are encouraged to attend.”

AGM Postponed

The next meeting is Feb 1…..Regular BOD meeting 6:30 pm . We had to postpone  the AGM 

The AGM scheduled for Jan 8. 2022 has been postponed in response to the most recent BC Provincial Health Order. 

Pacific Partners Boating Bulletin December 2021

Pacific Partners Boating BulletinDecember 2021Be prepared before you boat!A good boater is a responsible one, so be prepared before you head out on your boat trip!

Complete a pre-departure check listInspect your your Pleasure Craft to make sure it is in good working order and properly equipped before heading out on the water.Leave a trip/rescue plan with a responsible person. This document outlines your expected travel itinerary while on the water. It describes where you are going, who you are travelling with and how long you will be travelling for. In the event that you do not return from your trip on time, a trip plan can be used by search and rescue organizations to help pinpoint your whereabouts.Check the forecast for unsafe weather and water conditions before heading out and keep a watchful eye out for changes to these conditionsKnow the local hazards before going out – currents, flooding, landslides, that one rock that sits just below the surface!Have charts with you, talk to people on the docks before heading out.Download and read through the safe boating guide!

 Hello, If this is the first correspondence that you have received from me, let me introduce myself. My name is Sean Dimoff and I am a Boating Safety Officer here in British Columbia. Right now the Office of Boating Safety is reaching out to Rod and Gun Clubs around British Columbia with the hope of creating partnerships in spreading boating safety messages. The purpose of our office is to serve our community as a resource for pleasure craft boating questions, regulations, and concerns. Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns that you have with regard to boating safety. I look forward to working with you to make British Columbia a safer place to boat. Best Regards, Sean Dimoff (He/Him/Il) Boating Safety Officer, Office of Boating SafetyTransport Canada / 
 Government of / Tel: 236-464-4579 / TTY: 1-888-675-6863 Agent de la sécurité nautique, Bureau de la sécurité nautiqueTransports Canada / 
 Gouvernement du Canada Tél: 236-464-4579 / ATS : 1-888-675-6863 


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t5a2S7lm01ulnshut  · My dear friend, Carmen Purdy, the most fearless person I ever met, the best dad, best grand dad, best husband and best friend, passed today after a courageous struggle against the odds. My sincerest condolences to Carol, Jodi, Curt and James and all the grandkids from Beth and I. I will see you in the mountains again my friend when my time comes. Rest in peace.