Volunteers needed and short term closure

There are a few things that need to be done at the outdoor range to prepare for the Heritage Match on Aug 27 and I need some volunteers. I would ask that the range be closed on Sunday 20, 2017 from 1200 pm to 4pm.

Due to the heat waves at this time of day, there would be very little use in sighting in rifles and the more help we have the quicker we can open the range back up.

I would ask that they bring a lunch and some water. We will need help to clear the shooting lanes of grass/shrubs, need some muscle to pull carpet onto some of the berms and assistance with the installation of the new targets.


Many thanks Howie

Ranges open with restrictions

We are opening the ranges but keeping the restrictions (no tracers, no steel jackets, no binary targets, smoking on cement pads only etc) in place.  And encourage use between 7:30 and noon.

Effective august 16th

Wally Kampen, President

Howie Grant, Range Master

Alan Bond, Director / VP

Outdoor Ranges Closure

Outdoor Ranges Closure

 The outdoor ranges of the Nelson District Rod & Gun Club are closed for all use due to the EXTREME high fire hazard

The outdoor range is on Porto Rico Rd, off Hwy 6, near Ymir.

For further information and updates visit: www.nrgcbc.ca

Wally Kampen, President

Howie Grant, Range Master

Alan Bond, Director

Range is open with the following restrictions:


Use of steel jacketed projectiles, and tracer ammunition ARE banned

Post to all members that the range is open with the following restrictions:
No bianary (exploding) targets ( this is a Provincial order) and No Smoking.
Please use extreme caution and clean up as you go.
Thank you


AUGUST 27TH 2017

Registration 9-10 AM  $25      Meal only $10      Spectators N/C

No sight in on Match Day

This match is held every year at the clubs range at Barret creek.

The format is prone shooting at 100, 200 & 300 yds. On the International Metric target.

Bench shooting is offered for those unable or uncomfortable shooting prone

Rifles; 303 British Caliber; iron sights only. No micrometer sights. 49 Rounds


Aggregate Match: Seven rounds at each range, Seven minutes each stage.

Stage one 100 yds  Stage 2, 300 yds. Stage 3, 200 yds.

[This is done because of lighting Conditions].


Following the aggregate Match is the MAD Minute 15 rounds. In one minute

at 200 yds. This event is for the Partington Challenge cup.


The City of Nelson Challenge Shield is for the team event. These are 3 person teams,

Each member fires 3 rounds at 200 yds. Teams are selected geographical when possible.

The entry fee is $6.00 a team. This is returned to the competitors at a 3: 2: 1: ratio for

1 st. 2 nd. 3 rd. place.


From the aggregate scores there are Five Trophies awarded. Top Shooter gets the

Home Loan & Contract Co. cup. Second place gets the Annabel Trophy, Third place

The Agricultural & Industrial Trophy. The Captain Carrie Trophy goes to the high

Score at 300 yds, also medal for 2 nd. & 3 rd. place. Finally in the 303 British class is

The C.P.R. Trophy for the top Tyro. {A shooter who hasn’t won any other event.}

Image result for 303 heritage rifle pics

In conjunction with the Heritage Match we shoot the Fred Watson Memorial match.

This is 10 shots prone at 200 yd. with any rifle of a military caliber that was in use by

1945 Iron Sights only.


Come out and enjoy the Fun, Food & Entertainment.

If you don’t have a 303 but would still like to come there may be some available for use.


Food Safe

Anyone willing to take the food safe program at the clubs expense…..with the intend of helping at club events please contact Glen McKen 505-5006 or

Several options on how to take it

To check it out online http://www.foodsafe.ca/courses/level-1.html

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Fishing Forever and Family Fishing Weekend

Fishing Forever and Family Fishing Weekend

Again this year on Fathers’ Day weekend we will host a popular event at Cottonwood Lake which is at a beautiful Central Kootenay Regional District park.

On Saturday, June 17, 2017 from 10 am to 4 pm we will conduct Fishing Forever – a BCWF program designed to cater to those of any age who are handicapped in some way.  It could be as simple as impaired mobility.  Their caregivers are required to be present.

The emphasis shifts on Sunday, June 18 (same times) to the kids and their parents.

We expect 300+ bodies to appear that weekend.  Club members, and friends, can do their part by bringing a car top size boat with oars or electric motor (no gasoline outboards) and, to really enjoy the day, stay to captain the boat with our clients.

There is no charge to our participants or volunteers.  No fishing licence is required on this weekend (thanks to BC government)