Columbia Basin Trust Initiative money for trap machine

CBTLOGO_Print_S_colColumbia Basin Trust gives money to each of the regional district areas and municipalities to be distributed to non-profit societies. Some councils vote on the distributions and others use a community oriented voting method, ie; “dot night”.

A club or organization fills a grant application and attends meetings to promote their cause.Our specialist for this particular job was Darren Marsh. He wrote the grant applications and made the presentations, Along with Darren, there were other members, Clare Palmer, Stephen White, Gerry Vliet and Jay Colley talking to municipal councils and the public about supporting votes.

We had a few glitches,” a learning curve”, but generally did very well for a first effort. $5,112.38 was received from CBT and put towards our new trap machine. The win-win is that it is installed and operating. 9:00 a.m. Saturday mornings and Thursday afternoons 4:30 p.m.—?.
Thanks to these people and all others involved.

Bob Vliet