Mickey McEwen Memorial Hall

Mickey McEwen Memorial Hall is available to rent for your event such as birthdays, weddings, funerals, anniversaries, workshops, fairs, dog obedience and exercise classes. 

Mickey McEwen Memorial Hall is located at 801 Railway Street, Nelson B.C.  The hall is located right beside Cottonwood Creek and the picturesque falls,  just across the creek from Nelson Izu-shi Friendship Garden – Cottonwood Falls Park.

The hall was built starting in the fall of 2003 and completed spring 2004. It will seat 235 for dinner and 300 with theater seating. Over 3300 square feet of primary hall space and a large IHA Certified commercial kitchen that was upgraded and completely redone by the Nelson Italian Canadian Society in 2017.

The hall can be rented with use of the kitchen and bar included, or just the hall with tables and chairs.  The kitchen may also be rented separately. Wifi can be included in the rental at no additional cost.

Please call 250-352-9592 for more details or to arrange to rent the hall.

Susan Maze Hall Rentals Manager / Coordinator 250-352-9592 or personal phone number is 250-777-3397 hallrental@nrgcbc.ca