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Mickey McEwen Building Maintenance Manager

Nelson District Rod & Gun Club

Purpose of Position
The Maintenance Manager manages the building maintenance to ensure the long-term viability of
the Mickey McEwen Memorial Building for the best interests of the Nelson District Rod & Gun
Club. Building maintenance includes, but not limited to, regularly scheduled maintenance, furnace,
electrical, plumbing, snow shoveling, minor vegetation cutting, minor repairs and painting.
Incumbent is not expected to have any specific certifications or tickets but recognize what needs to
be done to ensure building and grounds are properly maintained in a cost-effective manner. This
would include contacting and directing qualified tradespeople and ensuring repairs are completed.
The incumbent would work closely with the Hall Rental Manager regarding rental damage, table
repairs, fixture repair or replacement and lights etc.
If you are interested in this volunteer position and would like more information, please contact Alan
Bond 250 352-7336, Jordon Braun 778 908-9535 or Howie Grant 250 551-1077.

For more contact info see contacts