2016 Kootenay Pass Sheep Feeding

2016, Kootenay Pass

Sheep feeding started Dec. 21st with 16 sheep at the feeders. We supplied timothy hay with red-white clover, a salt block with sulfur and loose salt with mineral.

There was a rumor that 2 sheep had been hit on the highway earlier in December which is unconfirmed.

As of Jan. 13th there are 29 sheep; 4 large rams, 6 lambs with the rest being ewes and young rams.

There were also 3 white tails spotted, a doe and two fawns.

The Trail group has supplied pellets starting shortly after Christmas. Thanks Laure Bursaw, Ken Moon and Russ Lafreniere.


Sheep Feeding on Kootenay Pass, 20160113

Sheep Feeding on Kootenay Pass, 2016/01/13