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Kootenay Pass Sheep Feeding April 9th 2016

Some surprises are nice.

Since the beginning of March, when we had 29 sheep, numbers have increased.

2 ewes, a young ram and a lamb came in. This gave us a total of 7 lambs. The biggest crop of lambs in quite a few years.

About the 20th of March a single ewe with a lamb arrived. They were very skittish and took several days to adjust to the people. With 8 lambs and a total of at least 35 sheep, no losses to roads or predators since early December, we feel that it’s a good start to the new year.

The only bad news is that a mature ewe was seen near the domestic sheep at Stag Leap ranch.

Disease transfer from domestic sheep is an ever present danger and has been responsible for the loss of up to 80 % of some other lower BC herds in the last year.

The sheep will be moving away to summer pastures very soon and new lambs will be born starting the middle of May.

Have a nice summer,

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2016 Kootenay Pass Sheep Feeding

2016, Kootenay Pass

Sheep feeding started Dec. 21st with 16 sheep at the feeders. We supplied timothy hay with red-white clover, a salt block with sulfur and loose salt with mineral.

There was a rumor that 2 sheep had been hit on the highway earlier in December which is unconfirmed.

As of Jan. 13th there are 29 sheep; 4 large rams, 6 lambs with the rest being ewes and young rams.

There were also 3 white tails spotted, a doe and two fawns.

The Trail group has supplied pellets starting shortly after Christmas. Thanks Laure Bursaw, Ken Moon and Russ Lafreniere.


Sheep Feeding on Kootenay Pass, 20160113

Sheep Feeding on Kootenay Pass, 2016/01/13

Kootenay Pass Sheep Feeding – 2014-15

Sheep feeding has gone well this year. Feeding started the middle of December and will end in April when the sheep leave for the summer ranges. There were a maximum of 32 sheep at the feeders with 6 lambs to help increase the herd. Timothy and clover hay was provided by Charly Moon of Creston. It attracted the sheep like a magnet and attested that it was of high quality. Thank you Charly.

We will be looking at ways to keep the sheep off of the highway on their summer range. The problem is the need for salt and mineral.

Bob VlietSheep Program Dec 2010 008-12012 March SheepFeed 024-1

Kootenay Pass Mountain Sheep, June 2014

Sheep Program Dec 2010 014-1Hello everybody,

This is my first post on this site.

To get started I’ll wish the sheep a good lambing.

Brad Fuller,Jack Fjoyd,Jay Colley,Dan Danforth,Brent Cairney and Brian Cairney

Brad Fuller,Jack Fjoyd,Jay Colley,Dan Danforth,Brent Cairney and Brian Cairney – hay packers

It  was a late spring with lots

of high country snow that left

them scrounging for grass

before the alpine forbs were

available. If you hike onto

the mountain side below

the microwave towers it’s

possible to see ewes and

maybe young lambs.

We will start feeding again in early December.

Yours truly,

Bob Vliet


2011 Sheep Supplement Jan 2011 014