Kootenay Pass Sheep Feeding April 9th 2016

Some surprises are nice.

Since the beginning of March, when we had 29 sheep, numbers have increased.

2 ewes, a young ram and a lamb came in. This gave us a total of 7 lambs. The biggest crop of lambs in quite a few years.

About the 20th of March a single ewe with a lamb arrived. They were very skittish and took several days to adjust to the people. With 8 lambs and a total of at least 35 sheep, no losses to roads or predators since early December, we feel that it’s a good start to the new year.

The only bad news is that a mature ewe was seen near the domestic sheep at Stag Leap ranch.

Disease transfer from domestic sheep is an ever present danger and has been responsible for the loss of up to 80 % of some other lower BC herds in the last year.

The sheep will be moving away to summer pastures very soon and new lambs will be born starting the middle of May.

Have a nice summer,

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