COVID-19 impacts on wildlife


As with all aspects of life, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted wildlife and habitat engagement —
it’s been pretty quiet, but the committee chair continues to have discussions with Wildlife and Habitat
staff in Victoria.
COVID-19 Impacts on Hunting
Unlike some other jurisdictions (Washington State, Oregon, and Alaska), angling and hunting are still
supported by government. The Provincial Health Officer (PHO) has not issued any orders restricting
individuals from angling and/or hunting at this time. At all times, individuals are expected to follow
the orders and guidance provided by the Provincial Health Officer (PHO). Dr. Henry has also indicated
that everybody should stick to activities close to home according to her orders and guidelines, and that
travelling to smaller communities is not recommended at this time as the medical capabilities in
smaller communities are not up to handling a COVID-19 outbreak. Government may choose to restrict
hunting and angling if people choose to ignore these orders, guidance and recommendations.
COVID-19 Angling and Hunting Updates:
Service BC and Front Counter BC (FCBC) offices are not providing in-person services for anglers,
hunters, guides and outfitters at the moment. However, Service BC’s community access terminals are
still accessible. Therefore, a person could go into a Service BC office to use their computer to buy
licences (species licences would be mailed). This process could change in the future.
Licences can be purchased online. Indications are that species licences are being delivered quite
quickly. BC Mail Plus and Canada Post continue business as usual at this time.
Some licence vendors are still open, but it is recommended that the hunter/angler call first to confirm.
Government has provided plenty of licence stock to vendors.
FCBC has increased Contact Centre support and is well prepared to help hunters/anglers get their
More information:
Hunting licence and species licence sales have been brisk so far in 2020 compared to recent years for
January to March:
Wildlife Allocation Committee, Quarter 1 Report 2020
Cont’d… Page 2.
Year (Jan, Feb and March) 2017 2018 2019 2020
Resident Hunting Licences 1844 2478 2324 4852
Black Bear 1441 1968 1886 4803
Grand Total Hunting Licences (all types) and Species Licences 6626 9192 9073 17,356
Provincial and