Notice to outdoor range user’s:

Notice to outdoor range user’s:  Due to current and expected wildfire risk Nelson District Rod & Gun Club has implemented additional  restrictions for the rifle, trap and archery ranges at the Barrett Creek property on Porto Rico Road.
  1. The use of binary (exploding) targets (i.e. Tannerite or equivalent) are prohibited. (permanent restriction) 
  2. The use of tracer ammunition is prohibited. 
  3. The use of steel jacketed single projectiles will be prohibited. 
  4. Smoking is restricted to areas of concrete, gravel, or bare mineral soil, no smoking where there organic materials or vegetation.  

 NDR&GC has struck the 3 person Fire Risk Working Group as described in the Fire Risk Policy to consider and implement additional precautionary restrictions and procedures, up to and including closing the ranges, to address the increasing wildland fire risk.

Nelson Rod & Gun Club Fire Risk Working Group recommends, in addition to the mandatory restrictions above, the following best practice at the Outdoor Range:
–  Shooting be conducted between 7:30 am and 12:00 pm each day.