Project Mapleseed


Project Mapleseed is a non-profit, 100% volunteer run organization committed to

helping preserve Canada’s firearms heritage by delivering safe and effective rifle marksmanship training to Canadians in one-day marksmanship clinics called “Mapleseeds”. Project Mapleseed uses a 25-meter distance and scaled targets to simulate engaging targets from 100-400 yards in standing, sitting/kneeling and prone positions. We follow a strict curriculum that breaks down the fundamentals into its key components, starting with range safety and safe firearms handling. The objective of the course is to develop the basic rifle marksmanship skills needed to effectively engage a 4 MOA target reliably in prone position.

The day starts at 7:00am and runs to 5:30pm. The final third

of the day is spent in practical exercises and in shooting marksmanship qualification tests. Participants who score 210 or more out of a possible 250 earns the shooter a Project Mapleseed Rifleman patch!

Spaces are limited, signup .